Rough & Tough is about the unique Characteristics of Sansevieria

Sansevieria with added value

Every Sansevieria looks beautiful in a beautiful deco pot. We can supply various types at extra costs in e.g. terra cotta or with a decorative pot cover.


Extremely simple to care

Looking for a plant that you can forget for a month? Try Sansevieria.

It is probably the most tolerant of all plants; needs little water, does not often needs fertilizer and is generally pest free.

All round house plant

For every interior there is a Sansevieria; modern, classic, trendy and stylish. In the right pot Sansevieria stands out even better.


Why do we love sansevieria

Sansevieria is known for its air purifying properties and is extremely popular because of its easy care and clean look.

Sansevieria has the ability to produce oxygen, and even has one of the highest conversion rates with regard to the conversion of carbon dioxide into oxygen.

They tolerate low light conditions as well as artificial light, therefore they are very suitable for most homes, apartments and offices.


Sansevieria Experience 2020


Care is easy

Light: Bright, filtered light, but is also extremely tolerant.

Water: Sansevieria needs little water. This plant is only dying by giving it too much water. Especially in the winter they need less watering. A half glass of water every 2 months is sufficient. In spring and summer, it is advised to moisten the soil every 2 weeks.

Temperature: Sansevieria like room temperature around 18-25C. They do not like temperatures below 10C

Soil: Use a well-draining universal potting soil.

Fertilizer: Sansevieria does not need much extra fertilizer. From April to July, the plant need once every two weeks some supplementary feeding.

Repotting: Sansevieria do well in the same pot for years. Repot only when necessary. Use a well-draining soil that has plenty of perlite and some sand.  Repot in a container that is no more than one size larger.

Meet the plants




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100% CO2 neutral

Fachjan Project Plants is already 100% CO2 neutral for the second year. Solar panels, geothermal heat and including the compensation for transport of plants to the first delivery point. The compensation takes place by investing in the planting of Bamboo in Uganda (Bamboo Village Uganda Project).

Planting bamboo contributes directly to the fight against climate change. Bamboo is an excellent storage place for CO2, the most important greenhouse gas that is responsible for global warming.

Fachjan compensates for no less than 1.9 million kilos of CO2. More than 7 thousand square meters of bamboo can be planted with it.


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